OpenCoffee Club – Köln/Cologne #2

Recap on my first OCC in Cologne last Friday

Starbucks in Köln Hbf

Andreas Gerads from coordinated the second OpenCoffee Club in Cologne. OpenCoffee is a good way to meet others interested in Startups, web/mobile/what-have-you technology. Some of the nice people I met:

  • Philipp Strube from MyPeak. He’s building a platform for creating online-commercials in a snap, together with his flatmate. + They’re searching for a marketeer.
  • Leonardo Dilella is building a Mobile Location Based Community. They are going to concentrate on phones with GPS and they’re building it native for all the platforms (I guess that means Symbian, Iphone, BlackBerry, Microsoft Mobile, J2ME and so on..)

All in all, it’s was a great experience and I’ll certainly show up on the next OpenCoffee in Cologne, big thanks to Andreas!


Well, it’s Saturday so I’ll give you a good interview to listen to here


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Blog blogging

I’ve just been busy doing other things:

  • twitter:
  • learning Python for a project which aims to improve how you read things on the Internet (RSS) together with your friends. Plan to do this on the Google App Engine.
  • Designing a new type of bag. I won’t keep you updated on this one until we have the IPRs, which is going to take time.
  • Travel around Europe, meet friends and relatives as well as attending nice events

And occasionally studying (Experimental physik (Physik IV), Verteilte Systeme, Mobile Multimedia, Statistik, Russisch)


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The best tasting Startup just got better

Imagine meeting 12 new individuals at three different Meals in just one evening. That’s the possibility the German Startup RudiRockt gives you. It works like this: you and a friend sign-up on the site and choose an Event in your neighbourhood. You’ll be assigned a Course (Starter, Main-Dish or Dessert) which you cook together with your friend. Four other – for you until now unknown – individuals will come to your place and eat the course and after that you go on to the next course and again you meet 4 new persons. After the Dessert there is a party for all the people that was cooking during the evening

Man cooking

RudiRockt is the organization keeping it all together. The web-system is very able;

  • to attend an Event you have to live inside of the borders of the event (usually some radius from the City-center), this is handled directly from Google Maps
  • the routes for all the participants are calculated automatically and are made in such a fashion that you don’t have to travel all the way through the city between the courses
  • after attending the Event the folks you dined with will appear as your “cooking friends” on the site, which is a good way to get the contact details for the interesting people you’ve met during the Event.
  • No RudiRockt-Events in your town? Start your own! Everybody (in theory) could be an organizer.
  • Scalable. The Events here in Aachen has been scaled to more than 1000 participants.
  • Living in a Student dorm with just one kitchen and more then one team wanting to participate? No problem, the system takes care of this and assigns different courses to the teams.

Most important, it’s a very nice way to meet new people in real life – and keep contact online. A nice breed of online/offline-experience.

There are of course a lot of questions yet to be answered such as profitability and emerging out of just student events as well as scaling outside of Aachen; as far as I’ve seen the only really big events are here in Aachen. Then there is – as always with German startups – question of internationalization. So far it’s only available in German.

As I happen to know the team behind the concept I know that they’ve been working hard to get the new version of the system up and running. Take a look at it here.

Andi and Christoph demonstrates the whole thing in a video. (Auf Deutsch, of course!)

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Internship in the Caribbean?

Caribbean beach
Yep, why not? Alvarion, the company providing equipment and training for the WiMAX-rollout i was working on in Tajikistan last summer has won some major contracts in the Caribbean. I guess they could need a helping hand, but why change the rain here in Aachen for the sunshine and beaches of Bahamas?

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More from OverTheAir

Wine from Imperial College

So, me and Jonas decided to enjoy the free drinks and the party instead of coding the whole night. Above is a picture of the wine we drank. I’m wondering if RWTH-Aachen or LiTH-Linköping also has a wine?

Since I didn’t sleep much the night before and didn’t get much of sleep this night either, I’m kinda wasted right now, but trying to manage as much cool sessions as possible. Now it seems to be time for some FireEagle.

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From OverTheAir


OverTheAir is a conference that has the proud goals of: “Bringing together developers, designers, hackers and entrepreneurs to explore the exciting future of wireless and mobile devices/applications.” It’s supported by Imperial College in London, and of course I’m there! We’re hanging out in the Sherfield building, about 400 of us. Some international visitors but mostly UK-ppl.


I took a early flight from Köln/Bonn (and yes, that means getting up reaaally early in Aachen). So far there is one more Swede here, and maybe we’ll make a contest contribution. Contest? Well all kinds of apps/widgets/tools/services with anything mobile can participate… so why not?

I’ve been to some interesting sessions, and some less interesting. As it always is on this type of conference. Check, as an example, this out

I also do quick comments on twitter:

Now off to a session about Java in Mobiles.

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We’re not leading? Mobile Startups in US and EU

You know, the one and only industry that Europe has been leading in the last 100 years or so is telecom. I don’t mean IP-based, since Cisco and others owns that one also, but wireless and wireline: Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel, etc they are all European (Motorola being the exception). I found two nice posts one mobile startups, first the one from TechCrunch: The holy grail for mobile social networks. (OK, it’s “only” mobile social networks.) and this post from Sasha whom I met at the barcampruhr. It’s a comprehensive list of German mobile startups.

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